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AIWin Technology Co., Ltd.



AIWin Technology is a professional AI company that specializes image recognition solutions to assist our customers establishing an “AI virtuous cycle”. Our one-stop services cover data cleaning, labeling, training , and integration for software and hardware, continuously applies the latest image recognition algorithms in practical application. In order to create the highest quality and accuracy, we constantly optimize our corresponding machine learning and neural network models.

At present, AIWin focuses on the golf and textile manufacturing industries, providing automatic optical inspection (AOI) solutions with the integration of AI, effectively solving our clients’ dependence on manpower in quality control and raising product quality. Our core businesses include AI services, deep learning software services, and AOI equipment solutions. Our partners include software integration companies, system integration companies, automation integration companies, AOI equipment companies, etc.

The vision of AIWin Technology is to become the leading brand in AI image recognition for smart factories worldwide. Our mission is to provide comprehensive AI import services to solve customers’ pain points. Our philosophy is to persist in the continuous innovation of AI technology to deliver localized and practical applications.

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