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Bio Preventive Medicine Corp.

National Biotechnology Research Park (Resident company)
Pharmaceutical, Precision medicine


Bio Preventive Medicine Corp. (BPM) is a clinical-staged biotech company, we translate clinically validated and IP-protected biomarkers into precision diagnostic solutions for unmet clinical needs. The disease area we focus on includes diabetic kidney disease (DKD), diabetes-related heart complications (CVD), renal injury, and oncology. DNlite, a series of non-invasive urinary test for predicting/monitoring DKD progression, has been proven to be more sensitive than current renal diagnostic methods, UACR and eGFR. As an ISO17025 and ISO13485 accredited company, BPM introduces DNlite through providing lab services and IVD kits. DNlite-IVD103 is a novel ELISA test for precision management of DKD. It can be used as tool for risk assessment, predicting renal function loss in early DKD of T2DM patients, and enrichment strategy in DKD clinical trials. DNlite-IVD103 is CE-IVD marked, and also approved by Malaysia MDA. BPM is currently commercializing DNlite-IVD103 globally.

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