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Economic Board Utrecht (EBU)



"Mission: The Economic Board Utrecht (EBU) was founded in 2012 to give direction to Utrecht’s economic development. Its establishment was in part motivated by the economic developments since late 2008: Utrecht realised that despite its economic prosperity, inaction was not an option. In a consultation phase with stakeholders throughout the province, representing (semi-)public knowledge institutions, cities and businesses, the need to cooperate and identify opportunities together was seen as the most urgent to keep Utrecht in its comfortable socio-economic position. Therefore, the EBU is deigned as the regional actor responsible for giving direction to economic development and is shaped as a network organisation. Members of the board are industry leaders and representatives from knowledge institutions, along with political leaders from the province and main cities. Activities: The EBU, as a networking organisation, is mainly involved in organising seminars and workshops. An overview of their planned and past activities is given on their agenda. They also issue a digital magazine called ""Get Connected"".

Members of the EBU are also involved in the provincial policy making proces, but this is not a formal activity of the EBU."

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