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GenomeFrontier Therapeutics, Inc.

National Biotechnology Research Park (Resident company)
Pharmaceutical, Biologics


GF addresses the unmet needs of conventional virus and/or virus-free gene-modified cell therapy by integrating four platforms: Quantum Nufect™, Quantum pBac™, iCellar™ and G-Tailor™, which improve vector delivery, therapeutic gene integration, cell expansion capacity and gene design, respectively. Synergistically, these platforms form the Quantum Engine™, with patent protection ensured in major countries, for production of virus-free, gene-modified cells optimal for therapy.

GF has successfully utilized the Quantum Engine™ to establish qCART™ which has been successfully applied to several pipelines. The first pipeline is GF-CAR01 which contains dual-targeting (CD19, CD20) CAR-T cells that also contain a safety switch control gene. The CAR-T cells produced have a markedly higher % of CAR+ T cells that are also more robustly expanded. qCART™ also produces a majority population of TSCM subset that are thought to represent the most therapeutically efficacious T cell population.

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