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iAnalyzer Inc.

National Biotechnology Research Park (Resident company)
Medical Device, Precision medicine


The company was founded in April 2021, with the goal of developing portable analytical instruments to meet the needs of real-time and on-the-spot measurement. In the initial stage, it is expected to be applied to biomedical, food safety, environmental safety, semiconductor, chemical and environmental protection industries. The medium-term development can be applied to customs, postal systems, airports for illegal drugs as well as explosives detection. In the long run, the second generation of products will be mini size similar to a smart phone.

The company‘s initial main products include handheld ion mobility spectrometer, portable liquid chromatographs, portable mass spectrometers, and portable liquid chromatography mass spectrometers.

The key technologies provide portable and low-cost for the above instruments. The company will keep Taiwan as the R&D center, and establish overseas sales departments to enter the global market.

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