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IC Design Incubation Center

IC Design Incubation Center
Accelerator, AI, IoT


To take the preemptive opportunities in post-pandemic era in Taiwan and focus on the emerging applied technologies of 5G, AloT and semiconductor field, Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs set up『IC Design Incubation Center』in Nangang Software Park and Kaohsiung Software Technology Park. IC Design Incubation Center offers the resources and services required from the incubation team and company, accelerates the research and development of emerging applications, drives the development of smart electronics industry and promotes the upgrading and transformation of the local industry.

IC Design Incubation Center mainly cultivates chip design, AIoT, AI application and system integration for software and hardware companies that are interested in investing and developing in Taiwan. We offer diversified counseling resources and professional services, and create a smart electronic innovation ecosystem together with the stationed companies.

To meet the counseling needs of the company at different start-up stages, IC Design Incubation Center offers All-round incubation service and integrate the resources of NKIC and STIC, concatenate external resources, assist the stationed companies continue growing in technology research and development, market development, operation development and so on, promote industry value-added and upgrading and multiply the comprehensive effects of innovation and entrepreneurship development to adapt to local industry ecosystem.



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