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Innovation to Industry

Innovation to Industry


Institute for Information Industry (III) has been supporting Nangang Software Incubator & Kaohsiung Software Park and has led to high operating performances such as “Project for NSI & KSI mutual entrusting the operation.” These performances adopted the operating model from Act for Promotion and were tendered by the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, started from 2014.

To keep fulfilling the mission of incubating technology industries, III was granted continued management of both centers. On July 1 in the same year, the Industry Research & Service Division of III set up an incubating center in charge of running NSI & KSI. The center has been acting under the government to serve and give support to startup companies. Dedicating itself to connecting with the world and expanding marketing, the incubating center offers consultancy for newly-stationed companies, support from which they benefit greatly.

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