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LumiSTAR Biotechnology, Inc.

National Biotechnology Research Park (Resident company), RAPID-Health
Pharmaceutical, Precision medicine


LumiSTAR Biotechnology focuses on development of various drug screening platforms for pharmaceutical and CRO companies. We have been committed to accelerate drug development process. Our core technologies are various optical genetically-encoded reporters (with different detection dynamic ranges), which can be incorporated with iPSC or disease-model cell lines for real-time monitoring how the cellular physiology influenced by testing drugs. LumiSTAR’s drug screening platform can apply on phenotypic screening, drug discovery, toxicity testing, and precision/personalized medicine.

LumiSTAR’s COVID-19 related products include a range of mutant strains of pseudovirus for cell based high throughput neutralizing screening, which can evaluate antibodies or drugs that inhibit virus entry. Our antigen detection and neutralizing antibody assays are special designed to simplify operating procedures. All the COVID-19 related products are commercialized and open for services. Testing kits of in vitro assays, which are compatible with most of ELISA readers, are also available for sale.

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