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Mello Biotech

National Biotechnology Research Park (Resident company)
Pharmaceutical, Gene therapy


Mello Biotech is a research company specializes in development and commercialization of microRNA and stem cell technologies. Based on patented proprietary technologies in microRNA and stem cells, Mello Biotech currently focuses on the development of microRNA precursor for cancer treatment. Based on technical and commercial viability, initial indication is targeting “4th stage NSCLC patients not eligible for target therapy or immunotherapy”. Current in-vivo study data demonstrates good efficacy and safety in orthotopic animal models. The company aims to validate efficacy and safety of treatment in human. Objectives include manufacturing, pre-clinical experiments, application for IND, and clinical trial phase I.

Target Market Condition

.NSCLC: ~600,000 new patients annually in Japan, Europe & US.

.Indication: 4th stage NSCLC patients not eligible for target therapy or immunotherapy,

second line after chemotherapy.

.Poor survival with current treatments – PFS in months.

.Current treatments are costly, toxic, undesirable side effects, and limited in efficacy.

Key Advantages & Features

.Proven efficacy in animal study.

.Inherently Safe – Technology derived from stem cells, laboratory proven safe.

.Technically Feasible - Deliverable and stable with proprietary delivery technology.

.Commercially Feasible – Large patient population with urgent medical need and limited options.

.Unique MOA - Allows for combination therapy.

.Comprehensive IP Protection - global patents secured in fundamental technology, manufacturing & applications.

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