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National Biotechnology Research Park (Resident company)
Medical Device, Precision medicine


Molsentech’s COVID-19 biosensor integrates its feature of ultra-high sensitivity to the electrical charge of biomolecules with the technologies of surface modification and biomolecular detection to develop an assay that can be applied to detect not only RNA but also proteins for COVID-19. The advantages of our biosensor assay include the velocity of rapid screening and the high accuracy of traditional PCR assays with 5-minute testing time and beyond 95% accuracy, making it the best solution for early detection.

Molecular biosensing real-time analyzer, SENEDIA, is an electrical-based ultra-high sensitivity device capable of catching minimal charge change of electrical current. Compared with optical-based readers, the COVID-19 biosensor enabled SENEDIA can detect ultra-low concentration of pathogens from minimum volumes in a wide range of samples (e.g. blood, saliva, urine, and etc.) to get detection results before symptoms appear, benefiting people’s health by preventing disease.

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