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Myshine Technology Co., Ltd.

IC Design Incubation Center
Internet of Things, System Integration


Established in 2018 and joined the incubation center in 2019. Myshine Technology Co., Ltd. integrates IoT technology and software monitoring platform to provide solutions such as Gas and fluid monitoring in chemical production fields , and Gas monitoring of seedling cultivation container.

Myshine Technology aims at research and development of Environment Monitoring and Controlling System. The main application areas for product planning are Agriculture and Industry, such as Facility agriculture, Seedling cultivation, Home gardening, Metal Processing Industry, and Chemical Industry.

Target customer of Myshine Technology:

1、 Facility agriculture (environmental monitoring, irrigation work controlling)

2、 Seedling cultivation industry (cultivation equipment management, analysis)

3、 Metal processing/chemical industry (production environment management, production line equipment management, wastewater treatment monitoring)

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