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NanoRay biotech Co.

National Biotechnology Research Park (Resident company)
Medical Device, Precision medicine


NanoRay Biotech Co., Ltd. is an innovative company devoted to the research and development of new-generation transmission type X-ray tube. The X-ray technology is applied in cancer treatment, medical image diagnosis, and industrial examination.

Core Technology: The patented transmission type X-ray tube which, depending on the metal target used, can generate monochromatic X-ray with different spectrums.

For cancer treatment: The 33 keV monochromatic X-ray generated by lanthanum target can induce robust emissions of ""Auger electron"" when combined iodinated drug. Auger electrons have a high energy and short travel distance, which induce violent DNA damages and cell death. The technology is currently developed for treatment of superficial lesions such as malignant fungating wound and ocular melanoma.

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