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National Biotechnology Research Park

National Biotechnology Research Park (BioTReC research group), National Biotechnology Research Park (Resident company)
Accelerator, Innovation Hub, Academia


National Biotechnology Research Park (NBRP) was opened in Oct. 2018, and is committed to stimulate and promote valuable and effective biotechnology research in Taiwan. NBRP provides the first ecosystem platform for biomedical research on a national level. With the joint participation of industry, government, universities and national research labs, the NBRP aims to accelerate completion timelines for new drug development, with the ultimate goal of enhancing human health and welfare. In collaboration with different ministries of Taiwan Government, BioHub Taiwan was established at NBRP. The major goal of BioHub Taiwan is to push impactful fundamental research into commercialization. Our mission is to integrate resources among the Government, Academics, and Industries to provide one stop solution. BioHub Taiwan combines Academia Sinica’s preeminent research capacities and the seven core facilities to support innovative R&D. BioHub Taiwan also integrates interdisciplinary resources into the NBRP Academy to cultivate business talents and provide business mentoring. BioHub Taiwan welcome the installation of domestic and international partners, investors and venture capitals to station at NBRP to maximize the opportunities of networking and partnering.

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