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Safetran Biomedical Ltd.

Healthcare, MedTech


Who We Are:Based in Taiwan, Safetran has provided quality medical equipment for the development of safe blood transfusion platforms since its establishment in 2008. Expertise in product design combined with vertical integration of production capabilities allows Safetran to meet the needs of the hematology industry which places great emphasis on safety and reliability. Under the Safetran brand, we offer a comprehensive range of products dedicated to supporting safe and efficient blood transfusion operations.

Our Mission:Safetran is committed to be a first-class provider of safe and high quality transfusion products. We strive to optimize blood transfusion quality, enhance safety and reduce side effects by providing high quality blood transfusion services and construct the most secure transfusion platform.

Scope of Business: Safetran Biomedical Inc. provides a range of state-of-the-art products in transfusion field:

Blood components Apheresis:

Automatic devices and disposables meeting current regulatory requirements of blood components apheresis and collection.

Leukocyte reduction filter:

Leukocyte reduction filter sets reducing leukocyte up to 99.999% to minimize transfusion reaction.

Transfusion sets:

Transfusion sets provide high quality and safety for blood transfusion.

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