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National Biotechnology Research Park (Resident company)
Pharmaceutical, Small molecule drugs


The company currently develops six core products based on the two technology platforms of “Liver Metabolic Enzyme Activity” and “Gene Regulation”. Two are for the treatment of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), and three are new formulations and combo of hepatotoxicity-free painkiller Acetaminophen and one is an antidote for Acetaminophen poisoning.

New drugs for the treatment of NASH, of which SNP-610 has been approved by the US FDA and Taiwan’s TFDA for Phase II clinical trials in May 2017, and is the first-in-class new drug in the market; SNP-630 is an optimized drug with a new ingredient NCE), a Phase I clinical trial is now underway.

Among the other three SNP-8 products, SNP-810 is a new non-hepatotoxic Acetaminophen analgesic drug, which has been approved for the US OTC monograph sales license and Taiwan‘s drug license. At the same time, it has applied for a US FDA pivotal trial. SNP-820 is an antidote for Acetaminophen poisoning and is applying for entry into clinical trials in Taiwan and the United States by way of application for orphan drugs. Compound SNP-830 and SNP-840 are patented new compound non-hepatotoxic analgesic drugs containing SNP-810 and analgesic and anesthetic ingredients. In the future, SNP-810 and non-addictive analgesics such as Sebacoyl Dinalbuphine Ester will be developed into new therapeutic effects. The new compound drug is currently undergoing preparations for clinical trials of the new compound new drug.

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