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StartUP@Taipei Office

Purpose: StartUP@Taipei Office is established to help innovative entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams and start a business in Taipei. The office provides comprehensive entrepreneurial information, awards and subsidy referral, and one-on-one counseling and advice services. The office compiles entrepreneurial resources from all departments in Taipei City government, and has contact windows with all relative departments, so entrepreneurs can easily and quickly receive the information they need


1.Companies or citizens that have started, are in the process of starting, or wish to start a business in Taipei.

2.Companies or citizens that intend to apply for entrepreneurial awards and subsidies, loans, training courses or entrepreneurship competition.

Taipei Entrepreneurial Services Office

Services provided:

1. Entrepreneurial counseling

The Office consolidates entrepreneurial resources from all departments in Taipei City government. It provides counseling on preparation for starting a business, government awards and subsidies, loans, registration process, training courses, etc., and can refer clients to relevant departments.

2. Entrepreneurial information in Taipei City

The Office has set up the Taipei City Entrepreneurial Resources Website to provide the newest entrepreneurial information. You can find government entrepreneurial resources pamphlets at the office as well. The Office also provides matchmaking platform for online counseling and sharing of entrepreneurial experiences and results in order to help entrepreneurs acquire technology, talents and capital.

3. Application for Taipei City government’s entrepreneurial resources

The Office provides counseling for applying to all low-interest and no-interest loans, entrepreneurial awards and subsidies provided by the Taipei City Government.

4. Customized counseling by entrepreneurial advisors

Professional advisors can give one-on-one entrepreneurial counseling free of charge for start-up companies and citizens wishing to start a business. The advisors can analyze the possibility of your entrepreneurial plan, give advices on writing your proposal, registration and other legal and taxation issues, and provide suggestions on business management and financial planning.

5. Nurturing entrepreneurs comprehensively

The Office strives to discover potential entrepreneurs through entrepreneurship competitions and start-up trainings. Resources including government awards, angel funds, advisory mentoring and incubation accelerators will be compiled for emphasized tutoring of these entrepreneurs.

How to contact us:

Phone No.: +886-2-66179077

Fax No.: +886-2-27588366

Taipei Citizen Hotline: 1999 (please dial +886-2-27208889 from outside of Taipei) ext.6498


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