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National Biotechnology Research Park (Resident company)
Medical Device, AI, Precision medicine


SYNCELL is building a novel spatial biology system, Microscoop™, the world’s first in-cell “pickable” high-content microscope-based platform. The system leverages AI-based pattern-recognition algorithm to selectively harvest proteins and nucleic acids in situ from user-defined areas of interest. Using our proprietary subcellular photosensitive labeling reagents, the instrument can effectively “tag” and isolate both known and novel targets for a wide range of cell and tissue biology applications. It is uniquely suited for spatial proteomics and offers distinct capability for discovering novel protein expression to overcome the limitation of all current spatial proteomics systems that can only study known proteins. The system also has the potential to generate multi-omics data on the same cell or tissue sample to delineate new insights on novel biomarker functions that cannot be explored by current technologies.

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