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Taipei Co-Space

Taipei Co-Space
Medical Device, Healthcare, AI


About Taipei Co-Space

As Taipei has been developing as an international creative city, Department of Economic Development Taipei City Government has cooperated with Taiwan Private Equity Association to build a platform to create a better environment, promote international competitiveness, and provide more opportunities for startups.

In an area of almost 2000 square meters, there are spaces as Co-Working Space, Accelerator, Maker Space, etc. With the support from private institutions, Taipei co-space, the model of industry innovation and transformation in Neihu Science and Technology Park, is expected to become a one-step service station for startups.

With 55 seats and co-working spaces for micro startups and freelancers, here we provide a platform for entrepreneurs to communicate and cooperate with each other for achieving innovative ideas and more business opportunities.

With 10~70 m² office space, a new media experimental area, and a biomedical incubation area, startups of Science & Technology, IT, Biotechnology, Culture & Creative, and Media, are gathered here. Parties for business communication and fund raising are held regularly to support the development of these startups.

We provide people, education courses, and information to enhance and diversify the communication between our partners and the market.

In order to help our partners to achieve their goals, Taipei Co-space has held all kinds of activities, not only promotes the exchange between the startups and stimulate creative ideas, but also bring customers, attract media attentions, increase the exposure of different programs. All these are to attract the attention of potential customers, partners, and funds, to help our partner move to the next stage.

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