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Targetrust Biotech



Targetrust Biotech is founded in 2016. Our team includes doctors of Changhua Christian Hospital, and professor of Taipei Medical University.

Dr. Ming-Chung Jiang is the company's founder and primary inventor of the company's core scientific technology. Based on the world's first invention “Tumor Signal - Liquid Biopsy” method (assay tumor signal transduction activity in blood), the company is developing and preparing to commercialize innovative the diagnostic products (DxSure cancer therapy resistance detection reagent) for early, real-time, sensitive, and cost-saving monitoring the therapy resistance of all cancer types and all therapy methods.

Products: 1. Reagent for monitoring cancer therapy resistance in real-time, 2. Targeted Antibody-drug conjugates (ADC) for extensive cancer treatments, 3. Targeted contrast agent for imaging-guided surgery for extensive cancer surgery, 4. Targeted magnetic hyperthermia for extensive cancer treatment

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