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The Department of Youth Affairs of Taoyuan City Government is building youth start-up hubs that offer counseling services to job-seeking youths, young entrepreneurs; organize gatherings and encourage the youth to participate in public affairs promotion.

Start-up hubs consist of TYCommander, Andong Youth Start-up Hub, Hsinming Youth Hub which respectively focus on IOT development, AR/VR technology, AI 4.0 and AI robotics R&D. These start-up hubs provide space needed and preferential prices for youths to start businesses, and also attract international companies such as Microsoft to cooperate with startups founded by young people, enhancing exchanges among corporations in Taiwan and abroad.

Startup hubs provide six core services, including customized entrepreneurial counseling, resources integration among private/public sectors, channels to access international markets, multi-functional space sharing, innovative courses, and Maker experience exchange.

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