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WeMo Corporation

IC Design Incubation Center


Established in 2015 and launched WeMo Scooter in 2016

In search of : Potential Client

● WeMo, Asia’s leading sharing operator, also known as an

urban mobility solutions provider for transportation focusing on

MaaS and V2X.

● WeMo Nexus MaaS aims to empower shared mobility

businesses with proven-to-work technology and solutions.

● WeMo Nexus focuses on the efficient operations of the fleet to

optimize profitability. From the maintenance and the repair of

the vehicle, to integrated parking services and violation

warning system.

● The fleet management system is capable of connecting a

range of transportation management tools with its proprietary

IoT device.

● Sentinel Black Box, the integration concept of telematics is

capable of achieving connectivity and intelligence. It is

available for any vehicle or platform to collect real-time data.

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