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Zheng Yang Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd.

National Biotechnology Research Park (Resident company)
Pharmaceutical, Biologics


Zheng Yang Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. (ZYBT) is a new drug development company, dedicated to the research and development of Elate Ocular™ dry eye biologics and new drugs. ZYBT was established in 2015 with cooperation with professors from EMORY University (Cambium Medical Technology, LCC) on cell culture supplement (FDhPL) patented product manufacturing, development and global sales rights. ZYBT cooperates with Cambium to develop new dry eye drugs and owns the global rights to manufacture its active ingredients, Aurarix™. The cell culture supplement technology extends to the treatment on dry eye. In the fourth quarter of 2017, Cambium obtained FDA approval to perform Phase I/II clinical trials, and completed Phase I/II clinical trials in 2019. Its clinical indicators and output results are very positive, current plan is to enter Phase II/III clinical trial application.

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